Should you add an island?

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Kitchen renovations can be a great way to add value to you home. They’re also fun to plan, particularly if you’re gutting your current kitchen and starting from scratch. Where will the cupboards go? Where will the new sub zero fridge sit? How large a space can we have for the super deluxe range? For some, however the big question is’can we have an island?’ They come in all shapes and sizes, can be static or movable and may have any number of drawers, cabinets, outlets and even a sink if you so desire, right there in the middle of the kitchen.
Many people like the idea of pictures of possum poop that doubles as a breakfast bar and a place to do homework or hang out with friends. This adds seating to your kitchen for big family gatherings and allows for easy homework help as you are preparing dinner. If you want more room simply take the stools away and you have yourself a stand up bar or more counter space to put out the party food without anyone tripping over the seats.
Islands are also convenient day to day as they give you more prep room and certainly more storage space. Some may have a rack attached to the ceiling over for pots and pans to hang giving more storage room to the smaller items and appliances which you may not use every day.
Having another sink can assist with clean up and is great for when you have to fill that kettle with water when you’re in the island but the sink is across the area. Insert a sink and viola, problem solved!
Of course, not all houses have the room to get a static island so that there are islands on the market that can move from place to place whenever you require. They give you the excess prep space and storage space you might need at times while storing out the way if you don’t need it.
However you slice it, the kitchen island is a time saver and adds personality in addition to functional space to your kitchen. Just make sure to plan well so that it is not getting in your way and give yourself and the family plenty of room to maneuver around to decrease annoyance later on!

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